X2 - X2 SS- Weight Indicatorr OIML EU Type Approval

120,00 €

Specifications : OIML EU Type Approval

ABS housing – X2 model. Stainless steel housing – X2ss model. Rechargeable battery. Optional dry cell battery – X2A model. High resolution till 1/30,000. Stainless steel bracket. Plastic pole holder for X2 and X2A. Stainless steel pole holder for X2ss. LCD display with white backlit. Drive up to 4×350Ω or 8×700Ω load cells. Counting function. Checkweigh function. Hold (animal weighing) function. Multi-units exchange. Zero range programmable. G value (gravity) adjusting. Backlit level adjusting. Optional RS232 interface. Optional bluetooth output.

Models : Part No.110022110023110024

Models X2X2AX2ss

Battery6V1.2Ah4 x AA6V1.2Ah



  1. Option; printer  and RS 232 

    Guide Price indication € : 120.00.- to 230.00.-